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Whether you’re an obsessive calorie counter determined to maintain a healthy weight or are looking for a manageable diet to help lose weight, it can be a daily challenge finding recipes that keep you on track. With Factor’s low-calorie menu we do the calorie counting for you with chef-prepared, dietitian-approved low calorie meals delivered right to your door.

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Chef-Prepared Low-Calorie Meal Prep Menu

As the No.1-rated prepared meal company on Trustpilot we are committed to developing diet-specific meals delivered right to your door. Factor’s chefs have put together creative, health-conscious recipes that are very high in flavour and very low in calories. They believe the best way to support healthy eating habits is to provide a continuing selection of tempting meals that never sacrifice taste for calories. Our premium low-calorie meals average about 550 calories, making it easy to maintain your weight and health goals, hassle-free. Our dietitian-designed menu offers a wide selection of fresh, never-frozen meals scratch-made by gourmet chefs who are passionate about preparing delectable meals.

What is a low calorie diet?

Low calorie diets restrict daily caloric intake to aid in weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Most people hear the term low calorie and shudder at the idea of salad-heavy, flavourless meals lacking zest and excitement. Although this is often the case, the chefs at Factor work alongside our team of dietitians to ensure you enjoy meals designed to help you achieve your personal wellness goals. We consider how ingredients work together to create the right balance of nutritious foods to help you lose weight, reduce cravings and satisfy your desire for delicious meals.

Choosing our Calorie Smart plan offers premade meals hovering at or below 550 calories taking away the hassle element of weight management. Instead, you simply select from our low calorie or keto menus to help you reach your ideal weight.

How do Factor’s low calorie prepared meal plans work?

Factor’s chef-prepared low calorie meal plans take the guesswork out of meal prep. Your low calorie meals arrive on your doorstep freshly prepared and never frozen ready to heat, eat and enjoy within minutes. It’s easy:
Pick Your Low Calorie Plan and Meals

Pick from a new tailored low calorie menu of 29+ dietitian-approved, gourmet chef-designed meals and 33+ add-on options every week.

Cooked to Perfection

Our low calorie meals are scratch-made by gourmet chefs, ready to eat in minutes.

Heat & Enjoy

Just pop our Calorie Smart meals in the oven or microwave to enjoy a delicious meal in minutes -- no fuss, no muss.

Factor takes care of everything, so you enjoy delicious, guilt-free meals night after night.

Restaurant-Level Low Calorie Meal Delivery Service

With restaurant-level chef-prepared meals you never have to worry about the boredom of eating low calorie meals every day. You’ll never miss enjoying delicious meals because our chefs work round the clock to meet the challenge of creating low-calorie meals that actually taste good – we’re talking restaurant quality good. While our chefs develop tantalizing meals, our dietitians keep them honest ensuring the calorie count never goes above 550 so you can confidently indulge. You also know every meal is prepared with premium, responsibly-sourced ingredients from our community of trusted partners. Factor is the go-to prepared meal delivery service for in-the-know people who don’t want to worry about calorie-counting recipe searches and grocery store trips.

A Yummy Twist on Low Calorie Diet Meal Plan Delivery

Factor’s unique approach to scale-friendly meal development pairs dietitians with world-class chefs so every meal is designed with not just calorie-conscious choices, but also flavour-inspired choices that deliver tasty meal selections you’ll never peg as diet food. Satisfy your palate while meeting your weight and health goals.

Customized, Low Calorie Diet Meal Plan Delivery

Our flexible meal plans allow you to customize your orders to suit your needs. We offer 4 to 18 meals you hand select each week. Just click on the information to see the calorie count for any of our meals under any category. You can mix it up or stay strictly calorie-focused. We keep a steady selection of meal choices, while also frequently introducing new options. This prevents you from getting bored of your every day meals.

Empowering You to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Science has proven food plays a critical role in your health and overall wellness. We’ve designed our calorie-conscious meals so anyone can enjoy our prepared meal delivery service. We offer purposeful diet selections to support your weight goals. Wondering what’s for dinner? Let us stock your fridge with easy answers so you can enjoy low calorie meals designed to help meet your health and personal wellness objectives.

FAQs on Factor Low Calorie Meal Plans

Q: How many calories are in your low calorie meals?

Our Calorie Smart meals are targeted to reach around 550 calories or less per serving.

Q: Are your Calorie Smart meals designed for weight loss?

Our low calorie meals are not designed specifically for weight loss. Instead, they are based on lower calorie counts aligned with nutrition-related goals associated with weight loss.