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Factor Vegetarian Meal Delivery

Factor Vegetarian Meal Delivery

Whether you’re strictly vegetarian or are trying to add more vegetable-based meals to your diet, Factor’s meal delivery service makes it easy to enjoy freshly prepared vegetarian meals in minutes.

We deliver chef-prepared vegetarian meals directly to your door, using innovative meat-free recipes.

Whether you’re strictly vegetarian or are trying to add more vegetable-based meals to your diet, Factor’s meal delivery service makes it easy to enjoy freshly prepared vegetarian meals in minutes.

We deliver chef-prepared vegetarian meals directly to your door, using innovative meat-free recipes.

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Chef-Prepared Vegetarian Meals

As the No.1-rated prepared meal company on Trustpilot, we understand the importance of meeting your unique diet requirements. Our world-class chefs work with expert dieticians to develop vegetarian recipes guaranteed to please.

Factor’s selection of premium vegetarian meals is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients for a delicious selection of tempting aromas and flavourful bites designed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Our gourmet chefs and health-conscious dieticians specialize in crafting sumptuous meals ideal for everyone at your dinner table.

Why Choose a Vegetarian Diet?

A vegetarian diet provides all the health benefits of a regular diet without the need for animal-based proteins.

Although not quite as restrictive as a vegan diet, it does help reduce demand for animal-based foods which is good for the environment.

Factor makes it easier to enjoy animal-based meals using responsibly sourced ingredients from our community of trusted partners.

What is the Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian?

A vegan diet excludes ALL meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy and eggs as well as any animal-based ingredients, such as honey.

On the other hand, a vegetarian diet only excludes meat, poultry, fish and seafood and depending on how strict a diet you choose to follow can include foods such as eggs, fish and dairy.

Vegetarian Dinners In Two Minutes or Less

Our prepared vegetarian meals arrive fresh, never frozen so they can be heated in the oven or microwave in minutes. Our chefs create each meal from scratch, so you don’t have to worry about shopping and meal prep.

Simply choose any of the vegetarian meals from our extensive menu to create your own meal plan. Our vegetarian dinners cleverly replace meat, fish and seafood to create meals even the most devoted meat lover will absolutely love.

Thoughtfully Prepared Vegetarian Meals Delivered to Your Door

We understand it can be difficult to incorporate more veggies into your diet. However, our expertly prepared vegetarian meals are designed so you never feel you’re missing out.

We create mouthwatering meals you’ll love with ingredients that are so tempting that more and more customers are adding our vegetarian meals to their weekly meal plans.

They’re just too good to resist! Our regular rotation and commitment to finding new recipes keep our selection of vegetarian meals constantly evolving. Inventive ingredients create restaurant-worthy meals that make eating your veggies a pleasure, night after night.

A Menu of Prepared Meals with a Vegetarian Twist

Offering a wide variety of flavourful meals that suit our customers’ various lifestyles is the secret to our success. We offer a wide variety of dishes and meal plans to suit your needs, so you always enjoy healthy, delicious meals in minutes.

Our meal plans range between 4 to 18 weeks. Our vast menu of delicious dinners and scrumptious meals makes it easy to design your own personalized plan. We prepare each meal from scratch with world-class chefs who ensure every bite is perfect.

Every night you choose one of our prepared meals from your fridge based on whatever strikes your fancy. Pop it in the oven or microwave for a mouthwatering meal ready in minutes.

Increasing Your Veggie Intake with Chef-Prepared Vegetarian Meals

We support your healthy eating goals with chef-prepared, premium vegetarian meals perfectly suited to wellness-focused lifestyles. Each vegetarian meal is a step towards creating more balance in your diet without the need to source new recipes week after week.

Instead, our chefs do all the work, so you just click and select your weekly meal plan.

It makes it easier for picky families not so keen on veggies, as our chefs cleverly disguise vegetarian meals so they have the same satisfying flavours as your favourite meat-based recipes.

Everyone will be delighted with vegetarian substitutions that ensure even die-hard meat lovers are happy. Our satisfying vegetarian-prepared meals allow you to increase your entire family’s vegetable intake without complaints!

FAQs on Factor Vegetarian Meals

Is there any prepping or cooking involved with my meals?

Unless you consider popping something in the oven or microwave cooking, your vegetarian meal requires zero cooking. We deliver freshly prepared meals you store in the fridge and heat when you’re hungry.

What if my family doesn’t like vegetarian meals?

Our Factor chefs make vegetarian meals anything but boring. We look at innovative ways to create delicious vegetarian meals everyone will love. Each meals uses vegetables in creative and delicious ways, so no one will find themselves missing meat!

Won’t I have to eat the same things over and over again with a prepared meal delivery service?

Absolutely not. Our chefs are committed to creating new meal ideas every week. You always have enough selections to create an endless array of meal rotations weekly.
In fact, because our vegetarian meals are so good, our meat-loving customers often choose from our vegetarian menu to enjoy even more variety.
We offer everything from vegetarian/vegan burgers to pasta and casseroles to stews, with inspiration from global recipes enjoyed around the world.

What if I don’t need meal delivery every week?

We understand your needs change week to week. We make adjusting your prepared meal delivery service preferences easy. Simply log into your account, select the date you'd like to skip and confirm. Your change is made without any penalties or interrupting your delivery the following week.

Are you ready to get healthy, chef-prepared vegetarian meals delivered to your doorstep?

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